Single Origin Teas

Single Origin Teas
  1. Head Rush
    This full-bodied, dark burgundy tea is intensely aromatic. Its bold malty flavour will evoke your senses. Ideal choice... Learn More
  2. Morning Bliss
    Morning sunshine may not be enough to wake your mind up everyday. Why not treat yourself to some perfectly brewed... Learn More
  3. Winter Again
    Soak in the bright, chilly winter mornings of the Himalayas through the bright amber glow of this tea. Sweet and... Learn More
  4. Summer Divine
    Imagine summer in the Himalayas, when the sparkling sun spurns rainfall in the mountains. This is when the tea leaves... Learn More
  5. English Breakfast Tea
    Assam tea’s distinct maltiness with a light, velvety mouthfeel, this tea is worth indulging in. Choose to start... Learn More
  6. Indian Breakfast Tea
    A wise man once said, food is for the body but tea is for the soul. We believe this saying holds true for every Indian... Learn More
  7. 9 to 5
    This tea opens with a woody aroma and deep amber glow. Its smooth finishing touch has Assam tea’s characteristic... Learn More
  8. Just AM
    A few hours after the clock rings in the AM, the sun rises and a golden orange glow fills the night sky. With a liquor... Learn More
  9. The Gold Rush
    This rich and exotic golden amber liquor is a perfect encapsulation of the unique Assam flavours. It gives a glimpse of... Learn More
  10. Goldilocks
    This exotic and rare tea from the slopes of Assam has a deep amber glow and fruity aroma. It prizes a unique taste... Learn More
  11. Hello!
    An electrifying blend of brisk and strong tea specially curated from the rain kissed slopes of Assam. Its rich malty... Learn More
  12. AM-PM
    The rich and fresh aroma of this mildly stimulating drink will revive you in the AM and recharge you towards the PM, to... Learn More
  13. Northern Lights
    This amber liquid is a perfectly flavoured energising drink. It has earthy undertones in the aroma and taste,... Learn More
  14. After 8
    This thin-bodied Darjeeling infusion is a perfect precursor to an evening of relaxation. Opens with the delicate aroma... Learn More
  15. Beat The Blues
    Sourced from slopes popularly known as the Blue mountains, these rich burgundy leaves steep to give very aromatic... Learn More
  16. Sleeping Beauty
    You may not have Sleeping Beauty’s boon of indefinite sleep but you can surely sip your way to our version of... Learn More
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