Black Teabags

Black Teabags
  1. Girnar Black Tea Bags - Bombay Chai
    Some may say Chai is common to the entire nation, But Bombay Chai seems to have its very own qualification.... Learn More
  2. Girnar Single Origin Black Tea Bags - Assam Tea
    Bold flavour and a dark amber glow; Sip on a cup of Assam’s finest and you may not find your day slow. Brisk... Learn More
  3. Girnar Single Origin Black Tea Bags - Nilgiri
    Exquisitely fragrant with a golden yellow hue, The unique flavour of this tea is said to drive away your all-day... Learn More
  4. Girnar Single Origin Black Tea Bags - Darjeeling Tea
    Champagne of Teas its often called, Darjeeling tea is known to keep tea lovers all over the world... Learn More
  5. Girnar Black Tea Bags - English Breakfast
    A hearty English breakfast with a steaming cup of this tea; It’s meant to make you feel nothing less than... Learn More
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