Black Teabags With Flavour

Black Teabags With Flavour
  1. Girnar Black Tea Bags Gourmet Collection
    A gourmet collection of our palate pleasing black teas, for those times when you can’t pick an all-time... Learn More
  2. Girnar Black Tea Bags - Lemon
    Warm up the chill on wintry days, dry out the damp hugs of summery days. Girnar’s Hot Lemon Tea does the job... Learn More
  3. Girnar Black Tea Bags - Adrak
    The flavourful presence of Ginger is known to all. Fuse it with a hot cup of Desi chai and you have the tastiest cup of... Learn More
  4. Girnar Black Tea Bags - Pudina
    Add a bit of zing to your chai with this green herb; its believed to soothe the mind and body whenever... Learn More
  5. Girnar Black Tea Bags - Elaichi
    Indians boast of Chai, thanks to the Queen of England; Indians boast of Elaichi Chai, thanks to the Queen of... Learn More
  6. Girnar Black Tea Bags - Kesari Masala
    For decades this tea has been part of many grocery lists, Chai no. 3 is one blend Girnar chai lovers cannot... Learn More
  7. Girnar Black Tea Bags - Saffron
    From an ambrosial brew to a dark amber hue, Saffron Tea is a sensory delight from even a distant view. Strong Tea... Learn More
  8. Girnar Black Tea Bags - Masala
    The British introduced tea in our nation, But the spiced-up Masala Tea is said to be an Indian home’s... Learn More
  9. Girnar Black Tea Bags - Earl Grey
    First invented to suit the palate of Lord Earl Grey, this tea became a favourite of tea connoisseurs both at home and... Learn More
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