Loose Packet Tea

Loose Packet Tea
  1. Girnar Royal Cup Tea
    If you feel royalty is experienced only with a gem-studded crown, Try sipping on this rich morning brew that’s... Learn More
  2. Girnar Kesari Tea - No.3
    For decades this tea has been part of many grocery lists, Chai no. 3 is one blend Girnar Chai lovers cannot... Learn More
  3. Girnar Golden Assam Tea
    Bold flavour and a dark amber glow, Sip on a cup of Assam’s finest and you may not find your day slow. Brisk... Learn More
  4. Girnar Royal Cup - Darjeeling
    Champagne of Teas it's popularly called, Darjeeling tea has always made tea lovers royally enthralled. Black tea... Learn More
  5. Girnar Royal Cup - Herbal Wellness
    Feeling royal isn’t limited to wearing a gem-studded crown. Sometimes its enough to sip on sultry spiced chai... Learn More
  6. Girnar Royal Cup - Masala Chai
    When the British introduced tea in India, Desi Chai was born; But when Chai was introduced in an Indian home, Masala... Learn More
  7. Girnar Royal Cup - Nilgiri
    Royal brew with a mild brown hue, The unique flavour of this tea will drive away your all-day blues.  From... Learn More
  8. Girnar Super Cup Tea - 250gm
    Kadak Hai ! Chai Bhi, Swaad Bhi. ~  Loose tea leaves for an aromatic kitchen brew, when your day seems too... Learn More
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