Girnar Royal Cup - Darjeeling

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Champagne of Teas it's popularly called,

Darjeeling tea has always made tea lovers royally enthralled.

Black tea from the First flush that blooms from March to May, Girnar’s Darjeeling Tea forms a light-bodied brew that retains the delicate but assertive trait unique to the iconic teas of Darjeeling. Handpicked bouquet from India’s leafy treasure in the Himalayas, this tea brews to give a light liquor, distinctive fragrance and satisfying balance of sweetness and astringency. 

~  Loose tea leaves sourced from the heights, blended to ensure your My Chai-My Time delights.  ~

More Information
Serving Style Loose Tea
Ingredients Darjeeling Flowery Orange Pekoe (Orthodox Tea)
Directions To Use Heat 120ml of water to about 90 degrees. Add 1 tsp of tea into the water. Infuse the tea leaves for 2-3 minutes. Decant/strain the tea and serve. If desired, add lemon & honey/sugar to taste.
Storage Instructions Store In Cool & Dry Place.
Age Range Description 12 Months (From The Month & Year Packed)
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Country Of Origin India