Girnar Instant Tea Premix With Lemongrass (Low Sugar)

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We commonly hear that most of tea’s taste is in its aroma.

Add a note of Lemongrass to it and you have an olfactory delight in your cup!

A native of South-East Asia, Lemongrass is also called the Aromatic Healer. It is smooth and fragrant when steeped in a cup of Chai. Lemongrass confers a delicate Meyer Lemony taste, a subtle dash of sweet Ginger and its trademark floral fragrance to strong Desi Chai, leaving you with a smooth mouthfeel and clean finish.

This is the low sugar variant of our much-loved Lemongrass Chai Premix. Cut down on sugar, not your favourite Chai.

~  4 am or 4 pm, In the valley or amidst the clouds, Sailing or Flying, Homely cuddles or solo travel: ghar-jaisi Lemongrass Chai (low sugar) can now be made just by adding hot water to this premix! No wonder, coming back home is not necessary to feel at home.  ~

More Information
Serving Style

10 Single Serve Sachets.


Dairy Whitener, Tea Extract & Lemongrass.

Directions To Use

Empty the contents of the sachet into a cup. Add 100ml of hot water (at 100 degrees) into the cup. Stir well and enjoy.

Storage Instructions

Store In Cool & Dry Place.

Age Range Description

9 Months (From The Month & Year Packed).

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Country Of Origin